Cloudzy Hosting 2024: Revealing Its True Worth

Are you planning switch to Cloudzy hosting in 2024? or you just starting? Read our article about how they have been changed in recent years. What have been changed in past years and are they worth a try?

Cloudzy Hosting

Explore Cloudzy Hosting: Who are they?

Formerly known as Router Hosting, Cloudzy Hosting has garnered extensive experience since its inception in 2008, founded by Hannan Nozari. With a significant reputation, it has evolved to host over 750,000 VPS instances, fostering a large community around its services.

Gaining multiple certificates for top-reviewed VPS hosting, Cloudzy demonstrates its commitment to customers.

What Services does Cloudzy provide?

Cloudzy, formerly known as ‘Router Hosting,’ initially gained popularity for its budget-friendly VPS prices. To this day, they maintain a strong reputation by consistently delivering reliable VPS services. When exploring their VPS offerings, Cloudzy provides options for Linux, Windows, RDP, and Forex VPS hosting.

In 2022, they expanded their services with the introduction of Cloud VPS, a testament to their commitment to adapting to evolving hosting needs. The core of their hosting services remains centered around virtual private servers.

Cloudzy’s VPS Hardware Overview

Cloudzy has evolved over the years, thanks to a team of experts building a great platform for all. Through their persistent efforts, they have continually upgraded their VPS hardware. Today, Cloudzy Hosting presents itself with a brand new website and improved VPS hardware.

The Cloudzy Hosting VPS hardware has significantly advanced and improved compared to five years ago. Their plans are well-assembled, offering optimized resources for various needs. They utilize DDR4 RAM memory, high-end CPUs (AMD EPYC with turbospeed) with speeds exceeding 3.2GHz, and Fast Gen.4 SSD NVMe Technology, boosting read and write speeds up to 6000MB/s. Additionally, they’ve upgraded their network infrastructure, optimizing speeds with servers running on a 10Gbps connection and fast network uplinks.

Next-Level Networking: Cloudzy’s 10Gbps Upgrade

Cloudzy Hosting upgraded to a 10Gbps network, connecting each VPS cluster to a shared 10-bit connection. This implies shared speed among VPS cluster networks. The latest test reveals the download speed of Cloudzy’s lowest UK (EU) Plan at 817 MB/s and an upload speed of 742 MB/s in the UK test.

Considering the price, it’s a reasonable deal. However, performance depends on the number of VPSes connected to the 10Gbps port, resulting in variable benchmark outcomes. Additionally, the testing location and data distance also impact results.

Additionally, take care about your bandwidth usage, because all plans has metered traffic.

Server Locations: A Global Network Overview

Cloudzy Hosting has expanded its data centers globally, currently offering services in 15 locations worldwide. An added advantage is the ability to personally test download speeds from each data center using an easy network test tool. Prices remain consistent across various locations. Cloudzy asserts DDoS protection for every server and ensures that each VPS has a unique IP, eliminating IP sharing among users for a personalized VPS server experience.

Here is list of VPS Server locations they provide:

EU – Netherlands (Amsterdam), Germany (Frankfurt), Luxembourg, United Kingdom (London)

US – New York (New York), Washington D.C, Florida (Miami), Texas (Dallas), Arizona (Pheonix), Nevada (Las Vegas), California (Los Angeles, San Francisco), Seattle, Illinois (Chicago)

ASIA – Singapore

Budget-Friendly Choices: Cloudzy Hosting Pricing

Cloudzy, also known as Router Hosting, maintains consistent and budget-friendly prices, offering great value. They provide both Linux and Windows VPS servers, with Windows servers being slightly higher due to their increased resource requirements. Windows servers come preinstalled with a virtual desktop, enabling connection through an RDP connection.

The Lowest Plan for Linux users: $4.95 / Monthly or 0.0068 / h billed

  • Memory: 1 GB
  • vCPU: 1vCPU
  • Bandwidth: 1 TB
  • Storage: 25 GB
  • Network Connection: 10 Gbps

and for Windows users: $9.95 / Monthly or 0.0138 / h

  • Memory: 2 GB
  • vCPU: 2vCPU
  • Bandwidth: 3 TB
  • Storage: 50 GB
  • Network Connection: 10 Gbps
cloudzy hosting database

If you plan to host low-medium” website with Linux server then lowest option should be enough if you optimize everything. But we recommend stick with Linux second plan they offer with 2GB, it will just work smoother and better for only $9.95$

The good thing of their services is their scalability, eliminating concerns about future upgrades. With their New platform is incredibly user-friendly, making it easy for you to both upgrade and downgrade your VPS plans. VPS servers are deployed in few minutes with is really good features by them.

VPS servers are deployed in just a few minutes.

And when we speak about price: Ultimately nothing has changed when we consider the prices 5 years ago. They only improved the hardware of the VPS.

What Customers says about Cloudzy in 2024?

Cloudzy was a reputable hosting provider in the past, but how have things changed in 2024? They’ve updated their Terms of Service and security perspective, taking orders more seriously to ensure compliance with Cloudzy T.O.S. This is entirely acceptable to us. Recently, some users have had unfortunate experiences with Cloudzy. In 2024, Cloudzy may suspend your account if they perceive any suspicious activity.

It’s crucial to refrain from engaging in any shady activities with their servers, as it may result in a ban and blacklisting. Cloudzy Hosting utilizes a blacklisted database to identify problematic customers, so be cautious if you’ve had issues with a previous provider, as it could lead to the termination of your account due to security concerns.

Now what others think about Cloudzy? If we take alook on Trustpilot views most of users honor them as really good hosting provider.

Should you switch to Cloudzy Hosting?

The Cloudzy Hosting aka RouterHosting always stayed above every expectation, their support team have outstanding knowledge about services they sell. Simply we can say that they really care about customers and are informed. The positive thing about Cloudzy is that they didn’t change prices at all, so they always stay with their words back-then. Also they stick with Full-Refund for first 14 days, in-case you are not satisfied with their VPS servers, you can always apply for refund.

So if you are asking yourself, should you switch to Cloudzy Hosting?, or if you just heard about them recently? The Cloudzy hosting is very experienced VPS provider (over 15 years) with 99.95% SLA. They have really big community behind them. The short answer is: You won’t regret choosing them.

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