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I’m thrilled you dropped by, and let’s dive straight into the heart of the matter—why you’re here: our guidelines for creating guest posts and the kind of folks who devour our content.

As we navigate through the details below, you’ll discover the secrets to crafting content that:

  1. Unveils a straightforward and organized framework.
  2. Clarifies the must-know prerequisites and sets the context.
  3. Articulates, by the time readers reach the end, the valuable insights they’ll gain from the post.

So, buckle up, and let’s make sure your content shines with clarity and leaves our audience hungry for more knowledge!”

“Essential Content Guidelines

To ensure your guest post aligns seamlessly with our standards, please observe the following requirements:

Content Quality: Strive for excellence, delivering content that reflects a superior standard.

Originality: Embrace uniqueness; submissions must be entirely original and free from any sponsorship.

No-Cost Submission: We welcome contributions without any associated fees.

Article Length: Aim for a balanced article, with a word count ranging from 1500 to 2000 words.

Tone and Style: Maintain a professional yet friendly tone, avoiding over-promotion and hyperbole.

Language Precision: Pay meticulous attention to English grammar, vocabulary, semantics, and punctuation.

Title Formatting: Craft titles in Title Case for a polished appearance.

Heading Structure: Opt for Sentence case to maintain a clean and organized presentation.

Incorporate Visuals: Enhance your content with relevant images that seamlessly integrate into the context. Please refrain from using stock images.

Examples and References: Enrich your draft with well-researched examples and contextual references, ensuring a thorough exploration of your chosen topic.

Link Limitations: Adhere to a maximum of 3 links per article, distributed as follows:

  • 1 link directed to your website
  • 1 links pointing to internationally recognized blogs/newspapers/websites
  • 1 link leading to another pertinent source from technology sites

Author Sign-off: Conclude your article with a brief author bio, featuring a link to your website and a 300×300 px headshot image. This allows readers to connect with the mind behind the insightful guest post.

Your commitment to these guidelines will undoubtedly contribute to an enriching and seamless reading experience for our audience. We look forward to showcasing your expertise on our platform!”

Guidelines for Crafting Your Guest Post

Stay Current with Global eCommerce Trends: Your context should be grounded in present-day global eCommerce events.

Avoid Direct Promotions or Competitor Mentions: Let your content shine without using the guest post context for self-promotion or mentioning competitors.

Say No to Plagiarism: Originality is key. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, and all drafts undergo thorough scrutiny.

Explore New Angles: Familiarize yourself with our existing blog content on your chosen topic. Bring freshness by presenting innovative perspectives.

Outline First: Before diving into the draft, provide an outline including the title, main ideas, planned links, and examples.

Collaborate Through Google Docs: Share your article outline and draft via Google Docs for streamlined collaboration and progress tracking.

Friday Publication Schedule: We exclusively publish guest posts on Fridays, and the turnaround time depends on available content slots.

Strict Adherence to Guidelines: Ensure your submission meets all outlined requirements; non-compliance will result in refusal of collaboration.

Partnership Collaboration Only: We exclusively engage in guest posting opportunities with our trusted partners. If interested, explore our partnership community on this page!

Additional Rule: Engage Your Audience: Craft content that encourages reader engagement through questions or discussion points. A guest post that sparks interaction is highly valued.

Writing Template: coming soon…

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